Close Polarized Black Sunglasses

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Near Polarized Black sunglasses are developed and designed to block annoying and harmful sunlight that bounces off water, snow and other shiny surfaces. Ideally, when you’re at sea, driving, doing sports, just hang out in the sun.

The sunglasses will cut out the glare of the sun reflecting off the road, water, snow or other shiny surfaces, giving you a clear view without glare.

Glare contributes to eye strain. The polarizing filter effectively reduces the symptoms of eye fatigue, such as headaches and eye fatigue. Higher contrast lighter surfaces will stand out in increased contrast against darker backgrounds, giving you a more detailed view.

The polarizing filter reduces reflection from other surfaces, such as leaves, and thus makes their colors more intense.

100% UV-PROTECTION goggles serve an important purpose: they protect the eyes from invisible and harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays produced by the sun.

Šifra: 512009-13


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