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Close-up polarized glasses without glare, with 100% UV protection, better contrasts and accent colors.

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Close Eaton – black polarized sunglasses, developed and designed to prevent annoying and harmful sunlight reflected from water, snow or other glittering surfaces. Ideal if you are at sea, while driving, playing sports or just hanging out in the sun.

Properties of Sunglasses Near Polarized Eaton

  • Polarized glasses prevent unwanted reflections of water, snow or rocks
  • 100% UV protection
  • Less strain on the eyes – Glare contributes to eye strain. The polarizing filter effectively reduces eye fatigue symptoms such as headaches and tired eyes.
  • Higher contrasts – lightly colored surfaces will stand out in a pronounced contrast compared to a darker background, which will give you a more detailed vision
  • Color highlighting – the polarizing filter reduces glare from other surfaces such as leaves, thus making their colors more intense.
Šifra: 7114-90


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