Silicone finger reinforcer- Terinda



Silicone hand sanitizer – Terinda, strengthens hands and improves finger mobility.

With it, we strengthen the muscles from the fingers to the shoulder muscle joint and partly also the chest muscles to the abdominal prefix in a very simple way.

It is also intended for physiotherapy after hand injuries.

Different difficulty levels are available, separated by color.

Regular use of the hardener improves blood circulation and eliminates tingling in the hands.

The finger reinforcement is designed for a load of 15 kg.

Different loads are available by color:

  • Yellow – 5 kg
  • Light blue – 10 kg
  • Green – 15 kg
  • Red – 20 kg
  • Orange – 25 kg
  • Dark blue – 30 kg
  • Black – 35 kg

The device is suitable for all age groups.



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