Purchase process

Ordering and placing an order

Adding products to the online cart: The customer adds the desired products to the online cart by clicking on the “Add to cart” button. The button is available on the online product presentation. Each time you add a product to your online shopping cart, a link appears that leads to reviewing your online shopping cart and placing your order.

– Review of the online shopping cart: In the review of the shopping cart, you can remove products from it, you can also change the ordered quantity of products. In the shopping cart overview, there is a link to the customer login or registration step.

– Customer login or registration: At this step, the customer can choose to purchase with login / registration, or for an unregistered purchase. Registered customers can monitor the archive of orders, the status of open orders, edit their saved addresses for issuing invoices and addresses for delivery of goods in their user interface.

– Final order form: The final form lists all products, their prices and quantities. If the customer notices that he has made a mistake when ordering products and quantities, he can return to review and edit the online shopping cart by clicking on the link “back to the list of products in the shopping cart”. In the final form, the buyer also indicates the method of collection, method of payment, logistical data for the delivery of goods, and personal data or company data. All enrollment fields and selections have the ability to correct content or change selections.

– Order submission: The customer submits an order by clicking on the “Order with payment obligation” button. If you do not see the confirmation text and at the same time do not receive a confirmation email to your e-mail address, it means that there was either a technical error or incorrectly entered data. You can repeat the procedure, or contact us for help on 00 386 (0) 3 810 73 00 or golgeter@golgeter.com, also do not inform us the same contacts if you have noticed errors or irregularities in the order after the order has already been placed.

After placing the order, the order is accepted in the queue.

– Order confirmed After two hours from the receipt of the order in the queue, but no later than 72 hours, the provider reviews the order, checks the availability and confirms the order. The provider reserves the right to call the customer on his contact telephone number if necessary. Upon confirmation of the order, the provider notifies the buyer by e-mail or telephone of the estimated delivery time.

The contract for the purchase of ordered items between the buyer and the provider is concluded at this stage.